Clear Note and Vino are a team that appeared during the King's Festival and the main antagonists of the King's Festival arc. Their spells focus on annihilation and they're the last and most powerful villains in the series. Out of the the 100 demons who fought in the battle, Clear Note was placed third.

Clear is a demon who wishes to use the king's privelage to cause genocide to his world and make all demons extinct. According to Clear, destruction was the sole reason why he was born and performs cruel actions simply because he can.

Vino is an infant who was possibly brainwashed into becoming Clear Note's partner. Despite his young age Vino is capable of speech and has an incredible supply of heart energy. To prevent his book from getting attacked, Clear has a Vino encased in a barrier even though it cuts his power in half. Vino displays a sadistic personality when helping Clear hurt demons and their partners.