Garry BelmontEdit


  • Hybrid
    • Mamodo/Human


  • 14 1/2 years old.


  • Black strait hair with dark blue eyes almost purple, pale skin. wears a white t-shirt under a black sleeveless hoody black jeans, and black and white shoes.


  • Parents
    • Father: Brago
      • Mamodo
    • Mother: Sherry
      • Human


  • Reis
  • Gravirei
  • Gigano Reis
  • Ion Gravirei
  • Dioga Gravidon
  • Barber Gravirei
  • Rior Reis
  • Barber Gravidon
  • Oruga Reis

Zane BellEdit


  • Mamodo


  • 6 years old


  • White hair purple eyes like Leila's but with white specks, mamodo markings like Zeno's going down both his eyes. Wears a purple shirt under a white jacket that has an etch of a moon and lightning on the back, purple pants, white sneakers with purple laces.


  • Parents
    • Father: Zeno
    • Mother: Leila


  • Lightning/Moon


Spellbook ColorEdit

  • Light Blue


  • Zaron: (Attack) a purplish-white lightning fired from Zane's rod.
  • Ramishield: (Defense) A wall like shield with moon shape center formed from Zane's wand that block attacks.
  • Zaruga: (Super Attack) A concentrated Zaron focus to a single point in a strait line fired from Zane's rod that can penetrate most defense.
  • Or Zaruga: (Super Attack) The crest of Zane's wand fires off and spins rapidly while growing with electric charge that returns to Zane's rod like a boomerang and reattach back to normal size.
  • Ganreizu Zaron: (Attack) Zane summons multiple cannons from his rod that fires multiple lightning-ball attacks.
  • Raaja Zaruga: (Super Attack) The crest fires off Zane's rod in a stronger version of Or Zaruga.
  • Teozaron: (Super attack) A burst of lightning fired from Zane's rod stronger than Zaron and Zaruga.
    • Miberna Ra Zaruga: (Attack/Assist/Immobilize) Zane's crest disappears from his rod and 26 copies appeared around him that he can control with the letters of the alphabet with the power of Fire, Connect, Harvest, and Teleport.
  • Fire: (Miberna Ra Zaruga Power 1) The moons called on explode sending shockwave of electricity that shocks the enemy.
  • Connect: (Miberna Ra Zaruga Power 2) Electrical lasers fired from the moons called on at each other connecting them acting as a net around the enemy.
  • Harvest: (Miberna Ra Zaruga Power 3) The moons connected tangle around each other immobilizing the enemy.
  • Teleport: (Miberna Ra Zaruga Power 4) The moons called on teleports around dodging attacks and teleports whoever is tangled.
  • Doruzaron: (Attack) Zane raise his rod into the air and fires shockwaves of electricity that shocks everything in its path.
  • Reedo Raaja Zaruga: (Ultimate Attack) Zane fires his crest from his rod that transformed into a circular object with electrical blades coming out of the sides with trail of electricity connecting the object to Zane's rod allowing him to control it like a yo-yo.
  • Sorudo Zaruga: (Attack/Assist) Zane's rod turns into a giant sword with lightning for a blade that he can use as a physical weapon.
  • Barugirudo Zaruga: (Super Attack) A burst of lightning fired down from the sky and strikes down on whoever iit hits frying them.
  • Jauro Zaruga: (Super Attack) Zane fires a ring of electricity from his rod that fires lightning from the ring.
  • Jigadirasu Uruzaruga: (Ultimate Attack) Zane's rod glows as he summons a giant thunder-goddess that fires one giant Zaruga.