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Kiyo's classmate. In recognition of Kiyo's Success that contributed to the arrest of the robber, he became friends with him. The house is in the mochinoki shopping area, but it is unclear what store. As a pitcher of the athletic baseball team and called "the shoulder of the baseball club", it was lost by 10 cm difference to Kiyo by handball throwing of the body (although it is the first tie in 50 m run), skate is good she does not slide and she falls down tremendously. "Magic ball that disappears with fire" aims. In the special training with Kiyo during the summer vacation, the ball burned and disappeared by "Zaquel", it was supposed that the balloon was completed. However, according to the author's blog, "Such Magic Ball is not completed, of course, the Naka-Body Committee has been disastrous......". I gave a shiitake mushroom (which was also mixed with poisonous mushrooms in animation) that was growing on Mariko's Birthday Party (hiking in the mountain) on the spot, but I made mariju angry and received sanctions. At the graduation ceremony of junior high school I sent words to thank you for giving my gratitude to Kiyo.
In the animation, the setting called Megumi 's fan has been added, boasting Megumi's Goodies and concert tickets to Kiyo (I do not know the relationship between Kiyo and Megumi).
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