Kiruropu and the British Gentleman

Kiruropu and the Brittish GentlemanEdit


  • Not much is known about how these two met, but these two are formidible opponents to handle. Kiruropu and his partner first appeared in anime at Djem's house beating up and hurting Djem's family and Yoppopo to get his spellbook when Djem came home. Then they came to fight Yoppopo again later. Kiruropu had a full body armor that would of been invincible expect when it was shattered by Bao Zakerga. Their book was burned after their armor was shattered when Yoppopo and Djem launch their last attack on Kiruropu.


  • Dark Royal Purple


  • Extending Body Parts


  • Amuruk: (Attack) Kiruropu's fist grows to punch someone.
  • Amu Shizaruk: (Attack) Kiruropu's fist becomes scissors to cut enemies.
  • Amursen: (Attack) Rocks fired from his elbows.
  • Emron: (Attack) his fist engulfs in flames to punch someone.