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Uri is a poor man until he met Penny and help out his family in exchange if she help out her by finding a mamodo name Zatch.Penny is a mamodo who obsessed love Zatch after finding him during a private beach but she can be selfishness and hopes to find him during rhe mamodo battle.After, searching for 4 months they went to Japan and hope to find him finally,Penny has see her beloved but due to his memory loss he didn't know who she was and which make her angry and has to make them fight.But during the battle a mamodo came to help name Byanko and ask to join him and his leader Zophis.They place to attack was in Japan against Zatch but due to his allied like Tia they manage to do a escape.With using the 1000 years old mamodo for battle Uri became more disappoint in Penny for using the humans.After another meeting with fighting against one 1000 years old mamodo name Leila she claims to known she been during awful thing.Help with Byanko they try to stop a powerful mamodo Demolt durin the battle she has both of ponytails cuts in order to destory the Moonstone but in a instant both have they book burned.Penny last appear fighting Clear Note with Byanko and in the same class at school.

Spell Book

  • Water
    • Akur: Spell sprays a jet of water from Pati's hand. (Attack)
    • Ashield: Shield made from water that can also absorb electrical attacks. (Defense)
    • Ak Spreid: Rebounds enemie's previously absorbed attack. (Attack)
    • Akuruga:Spiraling spray of water fired from her hand. (Attack)
    • Oruda Kuran: Creates several large jets of water that surround the opponent. (Attack)
    • Kurudo Akur: Penny traps the oppenent in a sphere of water
    • Akur Kiro: Slicing blades made from water. (Attack)
    • Akurouk: A spell that creates icy claws on Pati's hands and feet. She can also spin in an arc toward the enemy in said form. (Assist)
    • Ganzu Akur: Pati throws spheres of water at high velocity. (Attack)
    • So Giaku: Pati's most powerful spell which creates a huge dragon of water
    • Shin Suou Giakuru: A more powerful Suou Giaku
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