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Reycom and HosogawaEdit


  • When Sherry asked Kiyo if he was planning on using Zatch for personal game, these two are examples of what she was talking about. When Hosogawa found Reycom, Reycom was eating out of a refrigerator storage of Hosogawa work. Then Hosogawa got fired and was filled with rage and Reycom use the moment to see if he could read his spellbook, and Hosogawa was in for a big awakening when he found he could. Since then Hosogawa used Reycom's power to steal and to get his revenge, not knowing about the battle to decide king. In anime instead of your regular burgulars robbing a bank it was these two that was robbing it when they met Zatch and Kiyo (Although in manga they came for Zatch after seeing them on TV).
Hosogawa's original plan was to kidnap Zatch and the red book to use Zatch's power to do his evil deeds, even if it means battling Zatch and Kiyo. He got a rude awakening though when he manage to get his hands on Zatch and the book and found that he couldn't read Zatch's spellbook, and even when he knew the spell already, it didn't work. Reycom's book was burned when Zatch and Kiyo use Rashield for the first time and Reycom's attack hit the shield and bounce back at him and Hosogawa with electric charge hitting them and the electric charge burned Reycom's book.


  • Blue


  • Ice


  • Gikor: (Attack) Giant Ice Shards fired from Reycom's mouth
  • Freezudo: (Immobilize) Ice fired from Recom's mouth that freeze things.