Rops and ApolloEdit


  • Apollo was a man who didn't care much about the results in the battle for king, but has the ability to read ones movements and feelings, however Apollo travels around before taking ownership of a company his family owns. Rops is a small ladybug like mamodo who wants represent freedom as king.
Apollo met Rops when some village children were playing with Rops when Apollo came to ask for direction. The children led Apollo to the gates with no way through. Rops was attach to Apollo so the children gave Apollo his spellbook that they weren't able to read. Apollo was able to read it and with Rops' power got over the gate. However the children decided to stay and gave Rops a scarf in their memory.
They met Zatch and Kiyo during Apollo's and Rops' travels after they saved Suzy from being hit by car, when Apollo was performing music to children at the park. At first Apollo didn't wanted to fight but after hearing what Kiyo said, they choose to fight Zatch and Kiyo. Although Rops' and Apollo were worthy opponents against Zatch and Kiyo but it ended as a draw after both sides launched their strongest spells.
Rops' book was burned when they battled against Zeno after they accidentally mistaken Zeno for Zatch. Although Dufort manage to catch Apollo off guard by knowing when and how to attack and dodge while directing Zeno with only Zaker. Although Zeno already burned their book with Zaker, during Apollo's and Rops' goodbyes he hit their spellbook again with another Zaker.
After Rops' spellbook was burned, Apollo became president of his family company and helped Zatch Kiyo and their friends with anything they need for the battle.


  • Azure


  • Apollo has the ability to predict when the enemy attack and counter any dangers.
  • Ropes


  • Rigron: Shoots hooked ropes to lift objects. (Attack)
  • Riguron: A long hooked rope ties the target with force. (Immobilization)(Video Game)
  • Rignon: A fast hooked rope grabs and throws the target away from its partner. (Attack)(Video Game)
  • Dino Rignon: Many steel hooked ropes shoot out to lift very heavy objects. (Attack)
  • Rigrosen: Ropes with steel blades are shot at the opponent. (Attack)