Yopopo and Djem




  • Believe it or not Yopopo and Djem were the first pairing between human and mamodo although none confessed until Yopopo's book was burning.
Yopopo is a dancing mamodo that has the tendency to attract mamodos with his song and dance.
Djem is a tomboy like girl who does and say the opposite of what she thinks and was told.
These two met in Djem's house where he was found. Yopopo came to be known as Yopopo because he couldn't say anything but the words to his song at the time. Djem accidentally read Yopopo's book when he dropped it and was facinated by the power. However Djem didn't know about the battle to decide king until a Kiruropu and the English Gentleman attack her grandfather and mother to get to Yopopo. Since then Yopopo tried to attract the duo's attention and refuse to allow Djem to help which is how they met Zatch and Kiyo.
Yopopo's book started burning when Kiruropu attack Djem Zatch and Kiyo after Kiyo failed to get the fourth spell out. Yopopo pushed the fist away from them but it didn't saved his book. At the end of the battle Djem tried putting the flames out with the ocean water finding it impossible proving once a spellbook starts burning, nothing can put it out. During her apology to Yopopo Djem confessed her feelings to Yopopo, and Yopopo learn how to say Djem's name.


  • Green

Power Edit

  • Music


  • Mikeru: (Attack) a sound blast fired from Yopopo's body.
  • Doremiker: (Attack) Stronger version of Mikeru.
  • Shin Yopopo Topopo Supopopoo:(Assit)Much be able to move as Yopopo's can