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  • The story: Once every thousand years 100 mamodos come to the human world to team up with a human partner who can read their spellbook to battle each other and to burn ones spellbook sending the mamodo back to the mamodo world until one is left, and that one mamodo will become king.

On the site...Edit

  • Each mamodo has their own spells and abilities and each has a different color spellbook.
  • Each human partner and mamodo are connected somehow through the spellbook no matter if its their background or personality or something.
  • There is even something else in the show and manga that changes everything.

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Present Mamodos and Their Human PartnersEdit

Zatch and KiyoEdit
  • A child prodigy Kiyo Takamine and who was boy with no memory Zatch Bell were your unlikely pair. However they have something... (More on page)
Hyde and EidoEdit
  • Little is known about these two since they only appeared three times in Anime only. What is known as these two met when Eido was trying to act like a tough guy fighting others and were beaten up... (More on page)
Reycom and HosogawaEdit
  • When Sherry asked Kiyo if he was planning on using Zatch for personal game, these two are examples of what she was talking about. When Hosogawa found Reycom, Reycom was... (More on page)
Brago and SherryEdit
  • One of the strongest teams in the battle, as well as the fiercest. Brago was feared in the mamodo world known by almost everyone for his power. Brago gained his reputation by training himself to become stronger, which... (More on page)
Gofure and RenjiEdit
  • Not much on this team other than their choice how to get Zatch to battle them. When Zatch was depressed and alone Gofure act like a normal puppy conforting Zatch, tricking him to bring him home. Once...(More on page)
Sugino and HaruEdit
  • We don't know how they met, who they are exactly. They appeared in both Manga and Anime in the botanical gardens training and practacing their spells. Zatch and Kiyo...(More on page)
Kolulu and LoriEdit
  • Kolulu knew Zatch from back in the mamodo world. She is a kind mamodo who didn't like fighting and was forced to fight against her will. She was given a second personality that loves...(More on page)
Fein and SebeEdit
  • Not much is known about these two. Fein may look like a clown but his personality is the kind that will hurt others that get in his way. They were able...(More on page)
Eshros and ShinEdit
  • Eshros is a mamodo that used Shin's own thoughts against him to manipulate him to do what he wants him to do. Shin is a kind hearted man who was picked on as a child that want to make his mother proud. Since Shin was bullied alot, Eshros used it to make Shin think revenge is the answer. They came to Momochi...(More on Page)
Kanchome and FolgoreEdit
  • Kanchome was a crybaby weak mamodo that was easily scared that was often bullied by Tia in the mamodo world with Zatch. However Kanchome had a sleeping power inside...(More on page)
Zofis and KokoEdit
  • Zofis is an evil mamodo with the ability to manipulate hearts of others into doing what he wants them to do. He can even block out memories even after his control breaks, and can cancel out any emotion.Koko was a friend of Sherry's who had a kind heart and...(More on page)
Pokkeiro and PerikoEdit
  • Nothing on these two as they were fighting Sherry and Brago. However they loss when...(More on page)
Tia and MegumiEdit
  • Tia use to go to school with Zatch Back in the Mamodo world, however they weren't what you called friends. You'll find Tia bullying on Zatch and Kanchome for being weak and a...(More on page)
Maruss and RembrantEdit
  • Maruss was Tia's friend when they were in the mamodo world. But when the battle started he turned against Tia and use their friendship to hurt her. He and Rembrant use many of Tia's and Megumi's disadvantages against them, like the...(more on page)
Robnos and Ruku Edit
  • Robnos is a mamodo that likes picking on weak mamodos like Zatch. He use his armor head and spells to absorb attacks and gather energy for attacks. Not much is known about the two. They trick Zatch and Kiyo to battle them in...(more on page)
Baltro and StengEdit
  • Not much is known about these two. From one of Manga comics covers they showed Steng getting ready for a match and Baltro was standing there. Other than that they don't share much. These two use to terrorize everyone in England by...(more on page)
Zeno and DufortEdit
  • Zeno is Zatch older twin brother and son of King Bell. Due to the hatred of his heart Zeno wasn't given Bao and stayed in the palace. Zeno started...(More on Page)
Yopopo and DjemEdit
  • Believe it or not Yopopo and Djem were the first pairing between human and mamodo although none confessed until Yopopo's book was burning. Yopopo is a dancing mamodo that has the tendency to attract mamodos with his song and dance. Djem is a tomboy like girl who...(more on page)
Kiruropu and the Brittish GentlemanEdit
  • Not much is known about how these two met, but these two are formidible opponents to handle. Kiruropu and his partner first appeared in anime at Djem's...(More on page)
Ponygon/Schneider and SunbeamEdit
  • Ponygon's real name is Schneider that no one can understand because he doesn't talk unlike his parents. When he was little he and his mother watch as his father carried his rider around town. Schneider didn't like...(More on page)
Rops and ApolloEdit
  • Apollo was a man who didn't care much about the results in the battle for king, but has the ability to read ones movements and feelings, however Apollo travels around before taking...(more on page)
Danny and Mr. GoldoEdit
  • Mr.Goldo was Danny book owners and him "boy" which Danny didn't like about.They relationship is similar to father and son and business partners.Both was...(more on page)
Purio and LupaEdit
Zoboron and HigeEdit
  • In both anime and manga they story on how they met each others is unknown.However they manage to meet with Purio and Lupa in which both wants to become king,after the battl...(More on page)
Nya and Shion (Anime) Edit
Cut N' Paste and Kiichiro (Anime) Edit
Grissor and Dr. Hakase (Anime) Edit
Wonrei and Li-enEdit
  • Second pairing in Zatch Bell between a mamodo and human partner, after Yopopo and Djem...Wonrei a warrior mamodo, who dream is to become a king who protect everyone in the mamodo world. Li-en is a girl os a girl with knowledge and skills in an Kong Fu (Chinese martial arts) who grew...(More on page)
Zabas and GalliontEdit
Baransha and GarzaEdit
Bago and FredoEdit
Bari and GustavEdit
Donpacho and GomanEdit
Farigaro and GerhartEdit
Kiddo and Dr. RiddlesEdit
  • Kido is a small mamodo who use to look toward Dr. Riddles for support and protection. Dr. Riddles was an actual doctor who lost the will to continue his work when an innocent boy died in his care. He would study books after books that was found at his house. They met when Kiddo came into Dr. Riddles...(More on page)
Penny and UriEdit
Byanko and AlvinEdit
Majiro and Nicolas (Anime Edit
Ted and JeedEdit
Earth and EllyEdit
Coral Q and GrubbEdit
Karudio and SauzaEdit
Rein and KyleEdit
  • Back in the mamodo world,Rein alaways go on a rampage until he accident slip off a cliff near his village Waiting for death,a another mamodo name Zatch,he was the only...(more on page)
Rodeaux and ChitaEdit
Leo and BanikisEdit
Zaruchimu and RaushinEdit
Keith and BernEdit
Mommon and ElleEdit
Hogan and UnknownEdit
Buzarai and KazuEdit
Cherish and NikolEdit
Riya and AleshieEdit
Fango and AdoraEdit
Gyaron and HarryEdit
Jedun and EsukaruroEdit
Eruzadoru and AbiraEdit
Ashuron and Riin (Manga) Edit
  • Ashuron is the older brother of another dragon ma odo name Eruzadoru along another his parther Riin.His ability includes all natural dragon ability.His story is unknown yet he seen to bitter rival toward a another mamodo name Clear Note dues to having a wound around...(more on page)
Gorm and Mir (Manga) Edit
Clear Note/White and Vino (Manga) Edit

Ancient Mamodos and Their Present Human PartnersEdit

Leila and AlberEdit
Alm and MamikoEdit
Galios and AllenEdit
Victoreem and Mohawk AceEdit
Tsauron and GensoEdit
Belgim E,O, and DeidaraEdit
Pamoon and LanceEdit
Demolt and RobertoEdit
Boru-Bora and HenryEdit
Dogmas and PaulEdit
Erujio and FancoiseEdit

Mamodos From the In-Between WorldEdit

Maestro (Anime) Edit

Other MamodosEdit

Gorem of the StoneEdit
King BellEdit

Other things that happened Related to the TeamsEdit

Wander of the mamodo worldsEdit

  • A demon that was sealed up for centuries. It was more powerful than any mamodo could image, and had no need for a spellbook. Brought...(More on page)

Ancient Artifacts Edit

  • Artifacts that is said to give mamodos powers beyond their imagination. Only one appeared on anime and that was a mirror that increases a mamodo's spells into incredible ranks. Only way to stop the...(More on page)

In Between WorldEdit

  • A place where mamodos that broke the laws of the mamodo world is send to. There Mamodos can use their spells without a human partner but they do need a spellbook. Its the world that seperates...(More on page)

King PrivelageEdit

  • When the battle started all the mamodos left behind in the mamodo world were...(More on page)

Shin Level SpellsEdit

  • Shin level spells are spells only gained when a mamodo gained when their powers are matured to their fullest.In order for the mamodo to mature their power to their fullest...(More on page)

Mamodo WorldEdit

  • Where mamodos came from and have access to their spells without a spellbook. The mamodo world is...(more on page)


  • Answer talk is an ability that allows the user to gain answers to any problems they face even during a mamodo battle, like how does this spell work, which spell should I use, and the user...(More on page).

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  • A seperate page of links that'll take you to pages where there are OC characters ONLY from
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